The general work flow for an Out of Hours emergency issue will be as follows:

An Emergency user will login and create a ticket.

They will:

  • Choose the Scheme 
  • Choose the Plot 
  • Choose the Category of the Issue 
  • Provide tenant contact details 
  • Provide any additional requirements – Tenant is hard of hearing etc.
  • Verbally instruct a contractors Emergency contact. For example arranging a local locksmith to allow access or a Plumber to attend a boiler failure.
  • The Emergency user will create a comment with the details of the Contractor instructed to do the works and the costs involved etc.

Once the above has been completed by the Emergency user, an email will alert the Principal Contractor that a new ticket has been logged. 

During office hours a Principal Contractor user will go to the ticket.

A Principal Contractor user will determine whether the issue is chargeable to the RP or Principal Contractor

Once costs are agreed the ticket can be closed by a member of the team at the Principal Contractor.