Defect costs?

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The costs feature enables Principal Contractors to capture expenses and recharge costs associated with respective tickets and inspection lists.  Stakeholders are notified if they are are to bear or incur costs.  

The bearer or who will incur the cost means who is responsible for paying the cost on a defect.  Select who this is from the Stakeholder selection from the drop down box. 

The cost can be raised as an expense (accredited expenditure) or as a re-charge. If raised as a Principal Contractor expense this will be indicated as cost to the Principal Contractor on the costs report. If raised as a recharge to the subcontractor (for example) this will be indicated as a recharge to the subcontractor on the costs report.

The Cost Centre library can be Edited within the admin section. Users can assign default costs and indicate whether these costs are expenses or re-charge items.

The Cost Category labels can be Edited in the admin section. The Cost Category labels enable users to analyse cost category details within the costs report.

The cost report provides detailed analysis and will give the Principal Contractor a Net figure which is the difference between the total recharge amounts and the expense charges.