Sub-contractors play a vital part in the resolution to reported defects and repairs.

Your company can’t commit to your Customer care expectations if your sub-contractors are not aware of your policy. Your Sub-Contractors are pivotal to your Service levels. They should be made aware at Tender stage of your expectations and KPI’s.

clixifix provides your team with the ability to communicate nominations to chosen sub-contractors (work orders / instructions) in real time using our simple interface in the nominations feature.

When a member of your team nominates a sub-contractor, the notification email is sent to the primary email recipients within the sub-contractors email contacts field (see below).

This field can have multiple recipients, separated by commas.

Email Address(es) - Email recipients in this field will receive all Clixifix notifications for this sub-contractor irrespective of the sub-contractors users notifications permissions*

To encourage true collaboration with your sub-contractors, clixifix has developed the sub-contractors portal to provide a platform to work together on defects and repairs, sharing documents, encouraging teamwork and creating efficiencies.

Best practice is that each sub-contractor should have a user invited to their secure portal.

Users can be invited from the users tab within the respective sub-contractors section. (See below)