Watch our video here on how to nominate a sub-contractor.

1st step is to choose that you wish to nominate a sub-contractor to respond to the Ticket or Inspection List.

2nd step is to search your clixifix suite for the sub-contractor you wish to nominate on the Ticket or Inspection List.

Sub-contractors can be attached to specific schemes, and if you wish to use scheme contractors this button is already selected. From the drop down select the subcontractor.

3rd step is to provide a comprehensive description of what is required to do the works. This is done by editing the Nomination Instruction Works. An appointment can also be made for the subcontractor and this will transfer onto the job ticket they receive.

4th step is to send the nomination to the sub-contractor.  Save and Send Now will send an e-mail to the Sub contractor with the instruction as an attachment.

5th step you can view the detail now on the ticket.