In the Speculative Housing Sector, you have the ability to invite new home-owners to collaborate with you and your team on defects and repairs.

Once signed in to their portal they will see a dashboard which displays data for their new home only.

Purchasers are able to create new tickets and inspection Lists for their new home. (If you have enabled this feature from your account settings area)

To add Purchasers navigate to your Schemes area in the Speculative Housing sector.

Navigate to the plot you wish to add the purchasers to.

Select the Contacts tab.

Click on the '+ New Contact' button.

Complete the required fields:


Contact Title Owner, Tenant, Letting Agent etc.



Click Save to create.

You will then see the contact information similar to below. If you wish the homeowner to receive an invitation then select the Invite to clixifix

An invitation message box will pop up if you want to complete a personal message to the homeowner as below.

Click on Send Invite. The Status will change to Invited.  The invitation can be reset by selecting Resend Invitation.

An email will be sent to the homeowner with a link to set up a password.  Once they have accepted their invitation they can sign in and view their respective dashboard.

The Purchaser can add their own tickets (if you have selected them to) as below:- 


The Purchaser can then comment and upload a document against respective tickets and Inspection Lists.

Select Inspection Lists, select the ticket to load the document against.


Select Documents, Browse to select the file from the computer and then Upload.


The document will then show as uploaded.