No capital Expenditure: With the monthly subscriptions and no upfront expenditure is required on any software or hardware.Your company can manage the costs per unit per month throughout the agreed warranty period.

Reduction in costs: With clixifix , your team will know exactly what is happening with your reported defects and repairs at a glance from your dashboard. This saves time on meetings and phone calls and members of senior management problem solving when some one drops the ball on an important Customer Care issue.

Experience: We will share our experiences in Construction, dealing with defects and repairs, business and IT to implement best practice of disaster recovery and support.

Remote Access: Site Managers and Sub-Contractors can remotely log-in to clixifix to close out tickets and inspections, and upload images from a property in real time.

Quick wins: Switching on is instantaneous, you and your team will see the benefits in a matter of hours.

Valuable Lessons: Lessons learned  and feature requests from our other users are fed back into the core application to ensure the best possible functionality is delivered to our users.

Increased productivity: SaaS solutions are accessible from anywhere on any device which means users are able to use them in downtime hours. When you can work from anywhere at any time productivity tends to increase.

Heightened security: Despite prevalent concerns about the reliability and security of SaaS solutions, the truth is that there have been far fewer service disruptions and security breaches among SaaS vendors than in traditional, on-premise software environment.

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