Discussions are designed to enable effective collaboration between a chosen group of team members or colleagues on a specific subject or issue.

A discussion can be created to capture opinions, create a plan, and make decisions and feedback across numerous members of the team.

All contributions to the discussion are then stored in one secure place for later reference.

Simply click on the Discussions section

Once you have chosen to create a new discussion, give the discussion a title. For Example, Revised Code of Conduct.


Then in the main body of the discussion provide a comprehensive description of what you would like to discuss.

For Example, Please find attached the Revised Code of Conduct for our Contractors. All comments welcome.


You can attach a file to a discussion too by using the attachment wizard.

Finally, you choose who from your business / team that you would like to participate in the discussion by ticking their name on the list.

Click Submit to create.

All the users that are involved in the discussion will receive an e-mail to let them know you have started a discussion and what it’s about.

Every time that a user contributes to the discussion, all the users receive the message via e-mail.