This report will show you outstanding tickets by scheme. If you are within Partnership Residential you can select by Registered Provider.

Filter available by various pre-designated timescales or select your own custom dates to return the outstanding tickets created within this time.  Date filters only apply to the Tickets Created, Tickets Closed and Tickets Aborted, the other figures give your data at the point the report is generated.

Select show tickets to reveal all open tickets. Export to PDF or Excel if required for a printable copy.

Only schemes with open tickets will be displayed.

Outstanding Tickets by scheme 

The first table will give you open tickets by scheme and how many in warranty or archived.

Open Tickets:

If you have selected show tickets from the filter at the top of the report the next table will give you all your open tickets and information within the time frame selected.

Any blue number or word that when hovered over underlines itself, can be clicked on to take you to that information within clixifix, ie a ticket number, defect title, comment etc…

Any part of the report can be hidden by clicking on the section title, ie if you want to hide the pie charts click on the Ticket Priority title.  Select again to bring them back.