How do I use the Customer Journey?

Modified on Tue, 24 Mar 2020 at 03:14 PM

The Customer Journey is designed to enable you to monitor progress of your milestones from your chosen starting point. This can be from any stage of the build process you wish. 

We can program your milestones into your account as part of the onboarding process. 


Keeping everything in one place, you have full visibility over all appointments, e.g. CML and you can add evidence, schedule tasks and upload documents as required. 

All contributions are then stored for later reference.

Step 1: To add Milestone participants, click the field and add the relevant participants – this will generate relevant notifications to be sent to them directly

Step 2: The ‘Evidence’ component is a useful area to store all relevant documents, notes and view appointments made for each milestone. Follow the instructions to add items to the relevant sections

Step 3: As part of your milestone, you may have multiple stages within. A handy timeline shows you your progress of each stage with associated deadlines. Add specific appointments and documents to the stage(s) as required. 

Step 4: To add create an appointment, simply click on ‘Add Appointment’

Populate the details within the appointment form:

For example, if you need the site manager to make themselves available, you can schedule their time accordingly. 

Check their availability and click Create. 

The Stage and Milestone deadlines are visible within the dedicated Customer Journey calendar and the appointments are displayed in your standard calendar. 

You will notice the road icon on the appointment which distinguishes the appointment(s) from others.

Step 5: To mark the stage as complete, simply toggle the button to ‘Completed’. The pop up below will appear, once you have read the notice, click Complete.


Step 6: You will notice the timeline changes and the Completed date is time and date stamped. 


Step 7: You will notice the message at the top of your Milestone has changed and the percentage is at 100%. This means all the stages are now complete and you can complete your milestone. 


As before, you will get a pop up confirming you wish to complete the milestone.

Click Complete to complete the milestone. The milestone will be time and date stamped. 


Step 8: Once you complete the milestone, it will turn green and the progress bar at the top will increase accordingly. 

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