Our Holiday Shutdown feature pauses all open Tickets for the chosen period. (e.g. Christmas/New Year, Bank Holidays etc.). The Holiday periods will then be reflected on your resident portal

Step 1: The Holiday feature can be found from the admin section of your account.

Any existing Holiday periods are displayed here.

Step 2: To Add a new Holiday period, click on the add new Holiday shutdown button.

Step 3: Give your Holiday a title and using the calendar wizard choose the dates.

Step 4: Enter the date range of your holiday shutdown here. i.e. 24/12/20 - 24/12/20 equals 1 day Holiday Shutdown for Christmas eve. 24/12/20 - 06/01/21 equals multiple days holiday over that period.

Step 5: Once you have populated the dates, click submit to apply this holiday to your account.

Step 6: Residents can see your holiday shutdowns when you’ve added them, appearing as a holiday banner at the top of their account.

Here is an example on an sample account:

On the date of shutdown, the banner appears as below for the resident: