Step 1: When in Ticket or Inspection list view simply click on the Appointments tab and select Create Appointment. You can create an Appointment for a member of your team or the Sub-Contractor nominated on the ticket or inspection list.

Step 2: Make sure to complete the Appointment field with enough information to help you or the person who you are setting the Appointment for, fully understand what's required. This includes appointment title and description.

Step 3: Set the Appointment time and date using the calendar wizard and click OK. Select the duration of the appointment.

Step 4: Choose to appoint a Team Member and or Contractor from the drop down boxes. Your selections will be shown with a for removing, if you have selected incorrectly.

                                       - The check availability button will do a look up and check that an appointment does not already exist on clixifix for the Team Member or Contractor selected.  

                                       - The result will either be no conflicts:

                                        - Or, if there is a conflict you will receive this message:

                                        - Please note the availability button is not a mandatory action.

Step 5: Finally, simply select Create.

                                    - The person you have set the appointment for will receive an email letting them know the appointment was created for them.

The appointment can be viewed in the Calendar.