Use this report to ultimately show your performance on all tickets.

Filter available by various pre-designated timescales or select your own custom dates.

Select show tickets to reveal all open tickets. Export to PDF or Excel if required for a printable copy. Excel reports include more information such as the contractor nominated, appointment details (if any) KPI Status (within or outside) which can be filtered to give your overdue tickets.

Ticket Summary:-

This summary is a snapshot of performance including your number of current open tickets.  Any on hold or overdue tickets are included in this figure but the amounts are listed in brackets for example :- 

Ticket Timeline:-

On the ticket timeline chart you can deselect your brought forward, created, closed, closed on time and closed overdue blue tabs by clicking on them to remove them. Select them again to show on chart.

Ticket Analysis table:-

Open tickets brought forward – any open tickets brought forward from period immediately before dates selected.

Tickets created – new tickets created.

Tickets closed – any tickets closed.

Tickets closed outside KPI – Shows the amount closed outside of your KPI’s and gives the percentage (closed outside KPI figure divided by total tickets closed).

Tickets closed within KPI – Shows the amount closed within your KPI’s and gives the percentage (as above for calculation)

Tickets aborted – Aborted tickets

Open tickets carried forward – this figure is a calculation of the previous columns (open tickets brought forward, plus tickets created, minus tickets closed, minus aborted tickets)

Total Active Schemes – Total schemes that have plots in warranty

Plots in warranty – How many plots in warranty during period

Average tickets open (per active scheme) – this is calculated by open tickets carried forward divided by the total active schemes.

Average Tickets Open (per plot in warranty) -  this is calculated by open tickets carried forward divided by the plots in warranty

Average Tickets Created (per plot in warranty) -  this is calculated by tickets created divided by plots in warranty


Ticket Priority Pie charts :-

First shows all open tickets split into their priorities.

Second shows any overdue tickets split into their priorities.

If you have selected show tickets from the filter at the top of the report the next table will give you all your open tickets and information.

Any blue number or word that when hovered over underlines itself, can be clicked on to take you to that information within clixifix, ie a ticket number, defect title, comment etc…

Any part of the report can be hidden by clicking on the section title, ie if you want to hide the pie charts click on the Ticket Priority title.  Select again to bring them back.