SAR requests & clixifix®

Modified on Thu, 08 Sep 2022 at 03:27 PM

If you require resident data following a Subject Access Request (SAR) you are able to pull this data from clixifix®


There are two different ways of pulling this information, depending on your requirements.


Bespoke Report


To run a Bespoke Report click into Reports > Other > Bespoke Reports. This report has a filter to enable you to pull a report by scheme and plot. Further filters can be selected for defect categories, status', priorities etc. Unfortunately comments (apart from the latest activity) and discussions are not provided within this report. 


The report can be exported to excel and/or as a PDF. Once generated, an email will be sent to you. If you have administrator rights, you can view all reports ran on the day by clicking Admin > Today's Reports.


The best solution to capture any comments or discussions for a bespoke report is to copy the comments or discussions at ticket level directly by using the snipping tool or print screen facility on your computer. You can then paste this into your chosen application to review and save e.g. Microsoft Word.


Data Export


To run a data export you require administration rights. This will pull all of the current live data sitting in your clixifix® account, which unlike the Bespoke Report, will provide you with all comments and discussions on tickets.

To do this click on Admin > Export Data > Click here to export your data. This will then fire an email across to you, as this is pulling together all of the live data on your account, you may need to allow up to 24 hours of receiving the data export link. 


Once you have received the email, it will provide you with a link to download which takes you to a landing page for the different downloadable files. To save a file, it's recommended to right click and download the linked file rather than clicking on it directly.



Description automatically generated


Each csv file will contain an #ID which will link up with the other csv files, making it easier to carry out a =vlookup exercise on Microsoft Excel to cross reference tickets with comments etc. It will either sit within the #ID or Comment For #ID columns.


If you require any additional support with a SAR or require any further information following a data export, please drop us a live chat, or a support ticket and we will be able to support you.


Any Resident SAR request must be directed via the House Builder/Association (clixifix® client).
Please note that any support clixifix® provides on SAR requests may take up to 28 calendar days, depending on the volume of the request.

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