Notifications – Muting

Modified on Tue, 14 Sep 2021 at 10:28 AM

There are 2 ways for notifications to be muted:

  • At scheme level 
  • At ticket/Inspection List level 

Note: if you are 'looped' in to a comment on clixifix® then you would still receive that notification regardless of your settings.


How to turn on/off the notifications:

Admin > Your Users > Edit  An admin can amend the preferences for both ways (scheme level or ticket/inspection list level)



My Settings: A user can amend just the scheme level notifications



Scheme level notifications = ON:

  • If the scheme is NOT muted – 25 Cabot Square for example, all emails are sent to the user for Scheme/Project Discussions 
  • When a Discussion is created, if the user is in the “Who will be notified” section, the email is sent to that user. 
  • Likewise, an Email is also sent if a comment is then added.(unless specifically looped into it).

Scheme level notifications = OFF:

  • If the user has set the notifications to be muted for that scheme, if a discussion is created, even though they are in the “Who will be notified” section, no email is sent to the user. 
  • When a Discussion is created, the list of all users shows in the list but there is no email sent to the user who muted their notifications on 25 Cabot Square this time:
  • Likewise, they would not receive an Email now if a comment is added (unless specifically looped into it).

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