1. Check your email's spam folder, junk folder, social tab, and promotional tab. Email providers sometimes route emails from new sources to these folders.

2. Add clixifix as a trusted email domain in your email's address book.

3. Add clixifix as a contact.

4. Check with your email provider to ensure emails from clixifix aren't blocked.

5. Make sure the email associated with the account is the email address of an individual and not a distribution list nor a role-based email address.       A role account/alias is an account that isn't associated with a particular person, but with an office, position, or task (ex: webmaster@, postmaster@, admin@, etc.).

6. To ensure you're getting the most of clixifix, we recommend using a personal work email address.

7. In some cases, like password resets you'll need to request the email again after making any of the above changes.