How do I create an Inspection List?

Modified on Tue, 02 May 2023 at 11:28 AM

Once you have logged in to your clixifix account, click on the Inspection Lists icon.

  1. Click on the ‘Add new Inspection’ button.
  2. Simply choose the scheme and the plot from the drop down tool. 
  3. Choose the List Type from the drop down tool. 
  4. You can add a deadline date for the Inspection List using the calendar wizard.


On creation of an Inspection list, the 'Private mode’ can be amended accordingly (See below):

When Private Mode is 'on', this means that the respective Inspection lists will not be shared with any homeowners / clients.

  1. Next Step - You need to provide up to date contact details for the resident / contact for the property, and any additional information that will be useful for the person who will be attending the job i.e. ''Mrs Smith is hard of hearing, please knock on window...''
  2. Once you have completed this click submit, which will create the inspection list and unique reference number
  3. To add a new defect, simply click Select + Defect 


        4. You can add one image to the defect which can be annotated as required.


        5. Then choose the defect category and defect sub-category from the pre-populated list. 

        6. You need to provide a detailed description of the defect or issue.

        7. When you have finished with that item, click + Save Defect. Continue until you have all items captured as single defects.

        8. Once you have added all defects to that list, the list can be saved as Save List Now.

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