From the Inspection List view page navigate to the contractors tab.

You have the option to nominate either a Sub-Contractor or a member of your team to respond to the defect or repair.

Step 1: Choose Nominate Contractor radio button.

Step 2: Either select by category or start tying the contractors name in the Contractors Name field that you wish to respond to that ticket.This will present a list of contractors below the search tool that match your search criteria. 

Step 3: Select the contractor and then search.  

Step 4: Select Create Nomination and Send. Provide a detailed description of what is required to repair the respective defect or issue and tick the relevant box(es) to assign the defects to that contractor.  

Step 5: Click on the save and send now.

If you have another contractor you wish to nominate on the same inspection list, just repeat the process of nominating and then delegating.

When you NOMINATE a Sub-Contractor:

  • The date/time nominated will be recorded 
  • An email with a summary and the instruction will be sent to that Sub-Contractor.
  • The Sub-Contractor will be required to log-in with their details to to accept or reject the Job as described in the instruction. 

1. If accepted, this will be logged and an email sent to the Principal Contractor or House builder admin / Account owner to alert. 

2. This will be logged as the date/time instructed. If rejected, this will be logged and an email sent to the Principal Contractor or House builder to alert. 

3. On rejection the Sub-Contractor will be required to specify the reasons why they are rejecting the nomination.

4. On Rejection, the Admin User will go back to NOMINATE another Sub-Contractor using the ticket wizard and the same workflow will apply.