The clixifix® Home Demonstration web form features provides our users with the ability to capture data and signatures from new home owners and contacts whilst on-site.

The web forms are located within the plot view in the speculative sector.

The status of the forms are as follows:

  • In-Progress - no data captured
  • Partially-signed - data captured and one signature
  • Fully-signed - data captured and both signatures

Step 1: The Customer Care representative should tick the items that have been demonstrated / explained during the home demonstration session. If it has not been demonstrated, leave this field blank.

Step 2: Once all information has been captured - click save.

Step 3: The form can then be signed.

Step 4: Clicking on the ''sign now'' link within the form will open the signature pad feature.

This feature allows a signature to be drawn on a users device / tablet and will be timed and date stamped accordingly.

Once the form is fully signed, a pdf document can be accessed which displays the form and the signatures, by selecting the Preview button.