Use this report to give you a breakdown of the nominations sent to your sub-contractors. 

  • Select by scheme if required. 
  • Option to report on nominations on Tickets, Inspections Lists or both.
  • Filter available by various pre-designated timescales or select your own custom dates.
  • Export to PDF or Excel if required for a printable copy.

Top 10 Nominated Contractors (sent Nominations – open tickets only)

  • This will list the 10 sub-contractors who have received the most nominations from your company.  
  • This can be selected as either open or closed.  
  • If you select Open Nominations then the table described below (i) will be displayed.  
  • If you select the Closed Nominations tab then table described below (ii) will be displayed.



Contractors Sent Nominations – (Open Tickets Only)

  • The table lists the contractor, how many nominations they have received, open tickets and their performance. 
  • On the far side an outstanding Nominations Report can be exported to Excel or PDF.  
  • This report is very useful to pass onto your sub-contractors to chase up outstanding works. 
  • This export will pull through all nominations for that sub-contractor.

Contractors Performance (Completed Nominations Only)

  • This table lists all sub-contractors completed nominations, whether they were completed within or out of KPI, and their average completion time.