Using Configurable Forms

Modified on Tue, 24 Mar 2020 at 03:31 PM

As part of this feature, we will create and add your bespoke form(s) to your account. 

Step 1: To locate your form(s), please go to the ‘Forms’ tab at plot level. 

Step 2: Click on the relevant form under ‘Manage Responses’. 

Step 3: If your form involves adding defects, you will need to add the relevant category & subcategory with description and an image. (NB. These defects will pull through to an Inspection List for seamless delegation).

Your form will automatically save after an image has been added and regularly throughout the completion of your form. 

If required, you can ‘Save and Exit’, allowing you to return to the form when you have time to complete.


Step 4: If your form has been created to include defects, you will be required to complete the Inspection List component. 

Please note; even if you have no defects, you will be required to complete this mandatory component. Once the Inspection List has been created, save it and close it if there are no defects to be added. 

Step 5: When you have completed your form, click ‘Save and Complete’. The Warning box will appear, ensuring you are happy to complete. 

Step 6: You will notice your form is date & time stamped and you will have visibility over who completed the form. Once the system has had a minute or so, you can view the PDF response that is generated. 

Step 7: If you have any defects, they will seamlessly transfer across to the Inspection List tab whereby you can delegate as required. 

Please note; if you have recorded Meter Readings on your form, these too will seamlessly transfer to the Meter Readings tab. 

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