Any time a comment is added to a Ticket, Inspection List or a discussion, a thread will be displayed on your latest activity dashboard.

The most recently commented-on items will display at the top of the Latest Activity page.

The comments are colour coded icons to the respective users (See below).

From this dashboard you can filter comments by scheme, plot, type and by user (including sub-contractor, home-owner, RP and team Member)

This enables more specific searching if waiting for an update from a particular user, for example.

The comments can also be collapsed down or shown by using the feature " hide or show comments " at the side of each comments box.  It is easy to consume the data and comments. This is shown on a scrolling pagination, which simply means it keeps loading the activity from latest to earliest.

You can View your Tasks and Tasks for others.

You can also view and interact with your General Team discussions.