Task is a to–do or a request for information from someone within the team regarding a specific ticket. Tasks can also be used to remind you or a team member to do something on a specific date. 

  • When a task is created the owner is emailed to notify them that it exists. 
  • A user will be able to see a list of their tasks and tasks they have assigned to others. 
  • Completed tasks continue to show on tickets but will disappear from users dashboards. 
  • When a task is completed the originator is notified via email. 

Step 1: When in ticket or inspection list views simply click on Add Task.

Step 2: Choose who you would like to create the Task for from the drop down list.

Step 3: Make sure to complete the Task Details field with enough information to help you or the person who you are setting the task for, fully understand what's required.

Step 4: Choose who is responsible for the task.  That person will now be assigned that task.  They will also get an email notifying them they have been assigned the task.

Step 5: Set the Task due date using the calendar wizard along with a reminder if applicable. 


Step 6: Click Submit to create the Task.