Step 1: Once you have signed in to your Housing Association/Registered Providers clixifix account, best practice would be to find the plot address that you wish to create a ticket for by using the search tool.


Step 2: Once you have located the plot and checked the ticket hasn’t been raised previously, click on + New Ticket. 

Step 3: As the plot has already been selected the Scheme and Plot will already be pre-populated.


Step 4: Next you will need to choose the defect category and defect sub-category from the pre-populated list.

**Please provide a good description of the repair or issue, the more information we have from you, the quicker and easier it is to respond and/or resolve.**


Step 5: You need to set the priority of the defect category. 

Step 6: Finally, all you need to complete the tickets are, up to-date contact details for the tenant in the property, and any additional information that will be useful for the person who will be attending the job For Example:  Mrs. Smith is hard of hearing, please knock on window...

Step 7: Review your ticket, ensuring all details have been entered correctly and make any necessary changes.

Step 8: At this stage you can choose to upload any documents in support of the ticket such as a letter, emails or photographs. Simply ensure you have saved the document to your files, choose your file and upload.


Step 9: To create the ticket, please click on the post ticket button. A member of the Principal Contractors or house builders Admin team will pick up the ticket and process it from there.