Inspection List Overview

Modified on Fri, 30 Apr 2021 at 09:15 AM

The inspection List landing page looks like this (only with your data!):

Top Features:

  • Search using the the ID, Reference Number or Address of the Inspection list to retrieve it instantly.

  • Add New Inspection List.
  • Filter options to see the status of the lists and how they are progressing. By default, the Overdue and Pending, In_progress are already selected for you. The at the end of the buttons indicates that these can be removed at any point.


You can drill and search for more detail on the tickets such as:

  • Archived plots,
  • Scheme name, 
  • Plot,
  • Date range,
  • List type

e.g. Pending lists inside a specific Scheme:

The selections can be seen at the top as buttons for overdue, Scheme (Name) and In_progress.

Scrolling over the table, highlights the row you are viewing and clicking on the ID/Ref No. will take you to that list.

Choose Clear Filters, and all is cleared and all option buttons appear at the top of the table.

Choosing one option now will home in on that status like this example where Nominations are Completed:

Table contents from left to right:

  • ID/REF shows the List number and any corresponding reference number (eg for a sub contractor) and it’s List Type.
  • State uses a clip board icon for the status The icon changes colour, traffic light indicator of progress.
    Under this is a spanner Icon, which also changes colour in a similar fashion showing the number of jobwithin that list and how many of those have actually been attended to. 
  • Plot is next with the plot number and first line of the address, hyperlinked to that plot level. The Scheme is given below.
  • Created shows the date and time of List being made to compare with the final column.
  • Deadline is the ideal end date and time based on the company KPI’s for each list to be completed. Shown under that is how overdue the List is or N/A if the Job is on time or without a date.
    This Deadline date can be sorted in Chronological order Ascending or Descending in Date, via the arrow option on the heading.

Can I change the look?:

Inspection lists can be viewed as a card layout by clicking the toggle view button above the deadline. 

The card view shows the same List information as the Table but also allows access to the comments in the lower right of the card: 

This takes you to the List and the comments section on it.

To the left there is also an additional display with the Recent activity feed on that list. 

To print a view off with the Inspection lists in this manner, it’s always best to run a report which you can export to PDF or Excel. See our help section on reports for more information.

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