The Abortive Visit button will close the Ticket to an Abortive Visit.

Closing a Ticket as an Abortive visit can happen for a number of different scenarios: Closed -  No contact, Closed - Defect or repair issue withdrawn; Damage - Mis-use , Duplicated Issue, User Error.

Abortive Visit Charges arise where an appointment is agreed for work at a residents home or property and the Contractor or maintenance operative arrives within the appointment slot but is unable to carry out the work at, or gain access to, the property.

Abortive Visit charges may be applied to Tickets where:

  • Contractor or operative is unable to gain access to the property on arrival.
  • Resident or Homeowners is not ready for the work to be completed, won't allow access.
  • The resident or homeowner has caused the defect or repair issue.

You can create a report to show all Abortive visits and costs associated from the reports section.

Select the Reports tab, and then Other, Abortive Visits.

See Reports for more information on Abortive Visits Report.