The status of a ticket lets you know at a glance how a ticket is progressing.

There are 5 different statuses for a specific ticket:

  1. Open: This is when a ticket has just been created and has not nominated.
  2. In Progress: This is when a ticket has been nominated.
  3. On Hold: The ticket has been put on hold. Both parties have to agree to put a ticket on hold. On hold tickets do not countdown via the KPI's. A good example of when a ticket would require to be put on hold is difficulty gaining access to a property where a resident or occupant is on holiday or not responding to sub-contractors calls.
  4. Closed: The ticket has now been closed as the works have been completed and the issues are resolved. A comment will be posted to the Clients,  Registered Providers or Homeowners to let them know that the ticket is completed.
  5. Abortive Visit: This Ticket has been closed as an Abortive Visit. Closing a Ticket as an Abortive visit can happen for a number of different scenarios: Closed -  No contact, Closed - Defect or repair issue withdrawn; Damage - Mis-use , Duplicated Issue, User Error.